Adios Cerro Punta

Hi everyone, Sophie here. This is our last night here at Cerro Punta. Today group Pegasus spent the morning walking around Guadalupe. In groups of two or three we explored the town and asked the people we passed on the street questions. My group asked about strawberries, others asked about AMIPILA, the local environmental organization, or tourism in the area. After a delicious lunch, we had the afternoon to explore and meet up with the other group, who just got back from Cotito. In the late afternoon we had a Despidida with out host families. There was lots of food, dancing and games. We played a very competitive game of musical chairs and one host family taught some of us how to dance. We had a tearful farewell with our families. I will personally really miss my host mom and sister. We are spending tonight at Los Quetzales before heading to Mamallena tomorrow. Mamallena is the last stop in our journey here in Panama and has been described as a Shangrila for us to debrief and unwind. We are all sad to leave Cerro Punta which has been our home for the last two weeks but we are also excited to relax before the flight home.

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