Buenas from Max, Marisa, y Malik

Sarah leaves!

    Yesterday, we went to visit the AMIPILA (Amigos de la Parque de la Amistad), an agricultural initiative where we met Ana Sanchez, who told us about her work in promoting sustainable organic farming. Ana’s job consists of educating the youth of Guadalupe, spreading the message: we need organic farming!

 Ana informed us that the region of Cerro Punta has one of the highest rates of cancer in all of Latin America as a result of the use of chemicals in agriculture. After our Q&A session with Ana we visited AMIPILA’s composting facility where they make compost out of chicken caca, rice husks, leaves and sweet, sweet molasses. We helped complete a mural project inside the composting facility that promotes sustainable agriculture. One group painted a mural which read “Bosque Es Vida” to discourage deforestation and use of agrochemicals. Another group painted a mural that read “Agua Limpia, Mundo Limpio/Rios Libre Para La Vida” to discourage water contamination and resist hydroelectric dams.The murals will be used to help educate youth groups and others touring the facility. All said and done all it was an extremely informative and eye opening afternoon. 




Group Pegasus returned home to a delightful dinner and nap. Before dinner Max and Ben went for a mountain walk through the farmland surrounding our house. We saw an extremely beautiful double rainbow with a possible pot of gold at the end! At Max and Ben’s homestay they ate for dinner a course of chicken, rice, and lentils, topped off with fresh mint tea. After dinner it was straight to bed before 9:30. We are very good.

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