In the cloud forest

Tres Cascadas Trail – (MB)

Hello! It’s Sarah Stockdale writing a quick blog post to update those at home on the goings on in Panama.

View of Area of Cerro Punta – (MB)

The whole group has arrived safely at Los Quetzales, Cerro Punto, where we’re all enjoying cooling off in the cooler (50˚-75˚F) weather. This morning was a late start, each cabin making their own breakfasts and meeting up at Cabin 8 for a morning of hiking or journaling. The group separated into smaller groups, some heading up the Tres Cascadas trail for a beautiful, though somewhat steep, hike and others did just the lower section. A smaller group went on a birding adventure with Will and the rest of the students stayed behind to work on their journals. The hike up Tres Cascadas offered incredible views, a closer into the environment of the cloud forest through our guide, Abel, and a decent leg workout!

Lunch with Ramira in cabin 4

After the morning hike, we met up again at Cabin 4 for a delicious lunch cooked by Ramira, our chef for our time here. When we were all full, we had a meeting to debrief and talk about our work and then dispersed for some free time in the afternoon. Some people chose to use this time to relax and journal, one group went for a quick dip in the cold river water, and others explored the trails around our cabins. Sara and Andrius hung out with Ramira in the kitchen to chat and help cook dinner. After dinner, Sophie and Mu’izza went exploring with Will to find nocturnal creatures, some people spent had some downtime before bed, and one group of students played a spirited game of cards.

Currently, most people have hunkered down for the night to get a good night’s sleep before our hike up to the ridge on Millennial Trail tomorrow morning! Buenas noches y hasta luego!

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