Achotines – project writeup & presentation

Drawings for tidepool biodiversity project – Sarah Stockdale

Hey everyone, it’s Andrius and Sara writing to you after a very full work day. Each group had to complete their papers and presentations before our afternoon activities. Andrius’s group woke up at 7:00 to get an early start, and Sara’s group slept in to compensate for their early morning yesterday. After breakfast everyone bunkered down and worked on their lab reports. Sara’s group only had to edit and create their presentation so her groups day was full of journaling and laundry. Because of the labor intensive nature of their study, Andrius’s group spent all day working on the lab report and scrambling to get as many edits as they could. Thankfully everyone finished in time. After lunch we were divided into two groups, one to go soil testing with Chessie and the other to receive a lecture about how to analyze biological diversity in forests. While the forest diversity group was waiting for the soil group to return, we headed down to the beach for a quick cool off. When the rest of the group returned we went back to the beach with everyone. Shortly after we had dinner and a quick siesta time. Sara Liam and Ben went for a run, and others in the group went on a night hike. We then met for the big night of presentati

Sunset at el faro, Sylvia, Charlotte, Gracie,Chesapeake, Amber & Hope (front)

ons at 7:30. There were definitely some jitters within members of the group but everyone did so well. As a reward Pete (the founder of ITEC) made us ink for temporary tattoos. Everyone including Steve got one. After we all made s’mores over the stove. While on our sugar high we are having an intense dance party, as respite from our days of hard work!

Signing off!

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